Imagine Theater Company presents:
The Jungle Book: The Musical

Imagine Theater Company brings Kipling’s timeless tales of Mowgli to the Spotlight stage Jun. 8-11, 2023.

Jun. 8-11, 2023:
Thu.-Sat. at 7:00 p.m.
Sun. at 2:00 p.m.

Imagine Theater Company provides theatrical experiences for people with both cognitive and physical disabilities for ages 12 and up. From the audition process to the rehearsal7s to the performance, ITC actors are able to experience an actual theatrical production from start to finish! Email or see for more information.

About This Production

Set in a fantastical jungle of talking and singing animals, The Jungle Book the Musical is the story of a wild boy named Mowgli and his struggles to fit in with the wolves, the monkeys, and even the humans on his journey to discover where he belongs. Along the way, he must contend with the mesmerizing Kaa and the terrifying Shere Kahn, but with the help of his friends Baloo and Bagheera, Mowgli’s search ends happily.


Python Cast (Thu/Sat)
Narrator 1Lisa Sniezek
Narrator 2Maeve Rooney
Narrator 3 / ShantiAshley Camacho
MowgliJoey Metzger
BagheeraChristine Young
BalooRyan Corcoran
Shere KhanBlake Sutton
KaaCory Kalman
Colonel HathiKevin Moran
WinifredRianne Halligan
Lieutenant Kendra Lopez
Hathi Jr.Chelsea McComb
King Louie / DewyRyan Stoneking
Silly Monkey / BuzzyTaylor Kuhn
Sassy Monkey / DizzyCasey Bagley
Grumpy Monkey / Flaps Kristina Carroll
Monkey ChorusBrett Berkebile
Marchell Mitchell
Justin Diamond
Cory Kalman
Katie Dwyer
Oakley Weesner
Pearce Rodey
Taylor Bradbury
Elephant ChorusRyan D’Andrea
Jessica Avena
Allie Weber
Ben Stanphill
Michelle Rinke
Isaiah Avena
Christie Clift
Tiger Cast (Fri/Sun)
Narrator 1Katie Dwyer
Narrator 2Allie Weber
Narrator 3/ ShantiJessica Avena
MowgliBrett Berkebile
BagheeraJustin Diamond
BalooMarchell Mitchell
Shere KhanRyan D’Andrea
KaaChelsea McComb
Colonel HathiBen Stanphill
WinifredMichelle Rinke
Lieutenant Christie Clift
Hathi Jr.Isaiah Avena
King Louie / DewyOakley Weesner
Silly Monkey / BuzzyTaylor Bradbury
Sassy Monkey / DizzyRyan Stoneking
Grumpy Monkey / Flaps Pearce Rodey
Monkey ChorusJoey Metzger
Ryan Corcoran
Blake Sutton
Chelsea McComb
Ryan Stoneking
Casey Bagley
Kristina Carroll
Taylor Kuhn
Elephant ChorusChristine Young
Ashley Camacho
Maeve Rooney
Lisa Sniezek
Kevin Moran
Rianne Halligan
Amy Bockerstette
Kendra Lopez

Production Team

Role(s)Team Member(s)
DirectorBrianna Funk
Assistant DirectorBecky Funk
Head CoachKira Kadel
Set DesignBecky Funk
Brianna Funk
Costume DesignMary McComb
Joanna D’Andrea
Jill Oliver
Denise Holben
Vicki Jensen
Hair & Makeup DesignKira Kadel
Vicki Jensen
Special Project DesignBecky Funk
Joanna D’Andrea
Megan Oliver