Imagine Theater Company presents:
Shrek the Musical JR. Nov. 17-20

Imagine Theater Company brings everyone’s favorite ogre to the Spotlight stage Nov. 17-20, 2022.

Imagine Theater Company provides theatrical experiences for people with both cognitive and physical disabilities for ages 12 and up. From the audition process to the rehearsal7s to the performance, ITC actors are able to experience an actual theatrical production from start to finish! Email or see for more information.

About This Production

Set in a mythical “once upon a time” sort of land, Shrek the Musical is the story of a hulking green ogre who, after being mocked and feared his entire life by anything that crosses his path, retreats to an ugly green swamp to exist in happy isolation. Suddenly, a gang of homeless fairy-tale characters (Pinocchio, Cinderella, the Three Pigs, you name it) raid his sanctuary, saying they’ve been evicted by the vertically challenged Lord Farquaad. So Shrek strikes a deal: I’ll get your homes back, if you give me my home back! But when Shrek and Farquaad meet, the Lord strikes a deal of his own: He’ll give the fairy-tale characters their homes back, if Shrek rescues Princess Fiona. Shrek obliges yet finds something appealing–something strange and different–about this pretty princess. He likes her. A lot. But why does she always run off when the sun sets?


ShrekRyan Stoneking
FionaKristina Carrol
DonkeyCory Kalman
Lord FarquaadBlake Sutton
Dragon / Wicked WitchKatie Dwyer
Pinocchioyan D’Andrea
Gingy / Shoemaker ElfJustin Diamond
Young Fiona / Guard / Featured Duloc DancerAmy Bockerstette
TeenFiona / Featured Duloc Dancer / Young Shrek / GuardJessica Avena
Mama Ogre / Mama BearChristine Young
Papa Ogre / Papa BearJonathan Blazier
Little Pig #1Rianne Halligan
Little Pig #2Marchell Mitchell
Little Pig #3 / Grumpy / Featured Duloc DancerChelsea McComb
Captain of the Guard / Featured Duloc Dancer / KnightRyan Corcoran
Guard / Featured Duloc Dancer / KnightJoey Metzger
Pearce Rodey
Guard / KnightTaylor Bradbury
Rodrick Hinds
Kevin Moran
Sugar Plum FairyOlivia Iwinski
Queen of HeartsBeth Holben
Mad HatterTaylor Kuntz
Big Bad WolfBen Stanphill
Sleeping BeautyKendra Lopez
White RabbitLisa Sniezek
Puss in BootsMaeve Rooney
Peter PanSpikey Clift

Production Team

Role(s)Team Member(s)
DirectorBrianna Funk
Assistant DirectorRebekah Funk
TeacherKira Kadel
Set Design / Scenic PainterRebekah Funk
Brianna Funk
Properties DesignRebekah Funk
Megan Oliver
Costume DesignMary McComb
Joanna D’Andrea
Jill Oliver
Denise Holben
Vicki Jensen
Hair & Makeup DesignKira Kadel
Vicki Jensen
Special Prop DesignRebekah Funk
Denise Holben
Megan Oliver
Joanna D’Andrea