Thank you! You helped Spotlight get important tech upgrades!

Lights Up campaign for Spotlight Youth Theatre

A generous donor MATCHED donations up to $20,000! THANK YOU for the amazing response!!

A generous outpouring of support shines the spotlight on young performers with our “Lights Up!” campaign we ran in spring 2022. As a non-profit arts organization, SYT depends on individual donations and greatly appreciates all of the community support it can get.

Below is the list of lighting and sound equipment Spotlight Youth Theatre has needed to replace its old and broken technology. As old lights and computers have a limited lifespan, we need various upgrades just to keep producing shows of equal quality to what we’ve staged in past years. This equipment will also help Spotlight expand its programs and opportunities for children and young adults on a second stage.

Update (Aug. 2022): Spotlight has begun the process of purchasing and installing these necessary upgrades, beginning with major tech renovations to the main stage space Aug. 7-14. Every dollar, including the amount above the original goal, is going to improve tech and lighting and to boost a new program for training young theatre technicians. Thanks again!

Item DescriptionAnticipated Cost
Lighting – ETC EOS lighting software and computer for programming & running lights$1,754
✔ Lighting – LED cyclorama lighting instruments for lighting the upstage wall with colored light$2,758
Lighting – LED Fresnel lighting instruments for stage lighting$8,199
Lighting – LED par lighting instruments for washing the stage with colored light$1,032
Lighting – Source Four Jr ellipsoidal lighting instruments for stage lighting$5,054
✔ Lighting – Strobe light$194
Sound – Additional speakers for sound system$2,038
✔ Sound – QLab lighting software and computer for programming & running sound and projections$1,576
✔ Sound – Upgraded antenna system for wireless microphones$615
Sound – Wireless microphone system replacements & upgrades$11,895
✔ Tech – Lighting & sound starter-pack for our new performance space$2,000
✔ Tech – Production communications headset system$1,134
Tech – Projections, video, & computer system upgrades$4,388