Performance Troupes

Spotlight’s multiple performance troupes include all skill levels, with ages ranging 5 to 19. The children, teens,and young adults in these troupes work with highly experienced musical directors and choreographers to hone their skills in singing, dancing, and meeting any challenge with unbeatable confidence!

Watch for audition announcements prior to each fall and spring semester.

Please see the Spotlight Evolution page for information about the newest troupe, geared for advanced performers ages 13-19.

For more information:


Ages 5 to 8

Entry level—We will focus on basic singing and dancing skills. However, kids with experience will still be challenged.

Fall 2021 Sparkles:

Ana-Belle Goslin
Aubrey Scott
Azra Kearns
Charlotte Mikalsky
Courtney Williams
Eden Marshall
Edie Knoell
Emma Threadgill
Isabella Hines
Ivy More
Jocelyn Garner
Lucy Salari
Olivia Carey
Rayna Augustine
Ruby Roark
Saraya Kearns
Suvi Nielson

Director: Bella Swope
Coordinator: Kelly Swope


Ages 9 to 16

Mid-level Beginners—This group is skill based. We will work on dance and vocal technique. Performance skills will be emphasized.

Fall 2021 Confetti:

Augusta Stanley
Avery Stewart
Brandon Post
Dagny Knoell
Ellie Carey
Isabel Canchola
Justis Schneider
Keira Good
Lily Spears
Madeline Yeryomenko
Mae Goslin
Makena White
Mona Wilson
Nevaeh Monk
Noelia Castillo
Vanessa Yazdani
Zara Sego

Director: Heather Walker
Choreographer: Falin Ossipinsky
Assistant Choreographer: Bella Swope


 Ages 9 to 16

Upper Level —This group is also skill based, to include more advanced techniques. They will be challenged with more difficult choreography and vocal harmonies. Performance skills are essential, and will continue to be emphasized.

Fall 2021 Celebration:

Calvin Corey
Charlee Shaver
DeLayla Wilcox
Grace D’Astice
Joey Garcia
LillyBelle Lange
Lucy Delamater
Raphy Capozzi
Reagan Little
Reilly Cunningham
Sophia Mengel
Sophie Dessaules
Tara Frooninckx
Taryn Getting
Valerie Winch
Vanessa Van Atta

Director: Heather Walker
Choreographer: Falin Ossipinsky
Assistant Choreographer: Bella Swope