Performance Troupes

Spotlight’s performance troupes include all skill levels, with ages ranging 5 to 19. The children and young adults in these troupes work with experienced musical directors and choreographers to hone their skills in singing, dancing, and meeting any challenge with unbeatable confidence!


Ages 13-19 · Advanced —This group focuses on a variety of music and dance styles while working on intricate harmonies, advanced choreography, and high level performance skills.

Evolution Troupe Members: Spring 2022
TJ Brumbaugh
Lucy Delamater
Claire Filipowicz
Eli Franklin
Taryn Getting
Mia Hurley
AJ King
Emmy Lange
Addi Lauder
Olivia Martinez
Amanda Mohr
Owen Morris
Anna Parker
Jaden Schwab
Lillian Thelen
Marrisa Warns
Amani Fabrizius

Musical Director: Heather Walker
Choreographers: Falin Ossipinsky & Bella Swope


Ages 9-16 · Upper Level —This group is also skill based, to include more advanced techniques. They will be challenged with more difficult choreography and vocal harmonies. Performance skills are essential, and will continue to be emphasized.

Celebration Troupe Members: Spring 2022
Calvin Corey
Charlee Shaver
Ellie Deutsch
Grace D’Astice
Joey Garcia
Reilly Cunningham
Kendall Fugatt
LilyBelle Lange
Reagan Little
Noah Odom
Justis Schneider
Vanessa Van Atta
Valerie Winch

Director: Heather Walker
Choreographer: Falin Ossipinsky
Assistant Choreographer: Bella Swope


Ages 9-16 · Mid-level Beginners—This group is skill based. We will work on dance and vocal technique. Performance skills will be emphasized.

Confetti Troupe Members: Spring 2022
Janella Beaver
Noelia Castillo
Mischa Cavazos
Evelyn Downing
Mae Goslin
Dagny Knoell
Ryann Morris
Suvi Nielson
Brandon Post
Claire Saiz
Zara Sego
Maya Smith
Augusta Stanley
Vanessa Yazdani
Madeline Yeryomenko
Peyton Zuck
EV Hallock-Smith

Director: Heather Walker
Choreographer: Falin Ossipinsky
Assistant Choreographer: Bella Swope


Ages 5-8 · Entry level—We will focus on basic singing and dancing skills. However, kids with experience will still be challenged.

Sparkles Troupe Members: Spring 2022
Rayna Augustine
Liza Avalos
Olivia Cediel
Edie Knoell
Ana Belle Goslin
Isabella Hines
Hannah Riddle
Rebekah Riddle
Mikey-Raby Rodriguez
Valentina Rodriguez
Lucy Salari
Aubrey Scott
Nolan Sego
Kinley Stratton
Courtney Williams
Freya Kinley
Lyra Kinley

Director: Bella Swope
Coordinator: Kelly Swope