Spotlight rolls out 2020-2021 season

September 2020 (Revised March 2021)

Spotlight Youth Theatre’s 2020-2021 season is a diverse mix of classic and new material that will showcase our performers’ acting skills. Read descriptions of the shows to expect through June:

As local theatre learns to keep creating during the pandemic, Spotlight is trying new programming formats to keep performers and patrons safe. Artistic Director Kenny Grossman set the schedule for the first half of the season first, in order to learn the best approaches to take for the spring schedule, before doing a slow rollout of productions in the “second act” of the season in spring.

“Our theme for the new season is ‘Create,'” Grossman says. “Artists create. Through theatre we hope to create joy, fun, peace, understanding, silliness, suspense, vision, and friendship with original works and even an old classic, performed safe and onstage.”

This season will be based on shows (mostly dramas and comedies) with small casts, and few performances, played to physically-distanced audiences. At the same time, these shows will be available to much larger audiences than usual when presented as live-streaming events online. Other protocols for safety during the pandemic are to be followed in the theatre by cast, crew, and patrons.