Support Our Year-Round Fundraisers!

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Spotlight Youth Theatre depends upon the generous participation of patrons and the community in supporting fundraisers that keep our organization afloat. Our calendar, and the links below, include special events to benefit the theatre.


Hey there, theater enthusiasts! Get ready for some behind-the-scenes awesomeness at Spotlight Youth Theatre!

During intermission and before every mind-blowing production, you have the fantastic opportunity to shower our hardworking actors, musicians, technicians, and directors with some love and encouragement! How? By grabbing a little something from the Break-a-Leg table, specially set up in the SYT lobby.

Not only will you be making their day extra special, but you’ll also be making a direct contribution to the theater itself! That’s right, folks, every Break-a-Leg purchase goes straight back into supporting Spotlight Youth Theatre!

So, next time you’re at one of our shows, head on over to the Break-a-Leg table and share a thoughtful gift to let our fabulous young people know they’re doing an incredible job!

Spread the joy and keep the theater spirit alive!

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