Who’s Who at Spotlight

Spotlight is committed to a theatre program that is as diverse as the community we serve, and where all members of the family can join in the endeavor to produce high-quality theatre productions that amaze and entertain.

Ours is a community theatre where the impossible becomes possible through the combined efforts of our families, our sponsors, and most of all, the children who shine onstage.

Directors, Staff, and Coordinators

  • Artistic Director Kenny Grossman
  • Managing Director Deb Czajkowski
  • Troupe Directors Falin Ossipinsky, Bella Swope, Heather Walker
  • Capital Campaign Coordinator Suzanne Treviño
  • Box Office Manager Vicki Grossman
  • CPA Retired Judy Wolfe
  • Social Media Coordinator Amie Moller
  • Poster & Playbill Design Robert Waller
  • Lead Technician for Lighting, Sound & Media Josh Hontz
  • Volunteer and Troupes Coordinator Kelly Swope
  • Webmaster Bobby Sample
  • Fundraising Committee Shelly Boucher, Karen Dolyniuk, Suzanne Hegarty, Sabrina Hurley, Doris Kieffer, Amanda Newton, Kelly Swope, Tammy Waller