Thank You to Spotlight’s Generous Donors!

Ticket sales and production fees cover only a fraction of Spotlight Youth Theatre’s operating costs. We are grateful for the generosity of our dedicated donors.

Your support helps provide youth and their families a safe, welcoming environment where the individual is supported, teamwork is embraced, and creativity is encouraged through high quality performing arts and educational programs that enrich and strengthen our community.


Diamond-Level Support ($1000 or more)
Dina Anderson
Jeromy Beaver
Shelly Boucher
Daniel Burman
Jake & Gretchen Corey
Jaime Dion
Karen Dolyniuk
Michael & Julie Donick
Intel Foundation
Winona Herrin
Kevin Koop
Audra & Jeff Little
Karen McCollester
Bruce & Amie Moller
Amanda Newton
Jennifer Parker
Bobby Sample
Schneider Foundation
Katie Stoll
Torosian Foundation
Judy & Jim Wolfe
Steven Zell
Emerald-Level Support ($750-$999)
Donald Boucher
Craig Froonickx
Ruby-Level Support ($500-$749)
Mark & Sarah Armistead
Scot Claus
Brianna Funk
Sabrina Hurley
Jean Kiene
Gwen Schultz
Suzanne Treviño
Tammy & Robert Waller
Heather & Michael Walker
Heidi Watson
Sapphire-Level Support ($300-$499)
American Express
Arrowhead Montessori
Esther Conort
Dr. Heather Cucchetti
John & Janet Culbertson
Clisham Finnegan
Frys Food
Wayne Holden
Sharon Kiepke
Renee Koher
Eric Labas
Shannon Sweat
Lee & Sandy Shedroff
Stephanie Yampolsky
Amethyst-Level Support ($100-$299)
Pepper Aguilar
Lyda Armistead
Sara Bader
Dan Bickel
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Sara Bloom
Robyn Calihan
Dianne Carter
Patrick Clisham
Wendy Cordova
Maria Cruz
Debra Czajkowski
John Damasco
Eileen Delamater
Tyler Dolyniuk
Lisa & Seth Donsker
Kevin Dumcum
Andrew Filipowicz
Gina Flores
Jonah Fried
Kathryn Fulmer
Angela Gass
Eric Hassler
Janey Henze Cook
Tracey Horvath
Nicole Kearns
Matt Keiffer
Bill Kochenderfer
David Laidig
Heather Locke
John Marino
Diana Martinez
Brian & Shelby Maticic
Glenda Matson
Michael & Teri Momeyer
Julie Nelson
Heather Neubauer
Tina Nuziato
Eileen Ossipinsky
Lori Palmero
Steven Peters
Lisa Poorman
Meribeth Reeves
Lori Reger
Caroline Richardson
Shelly Riddle
Beth Sawyer
Deborah Sego
Justin Shaver
Gayle Simkin
Rhonda Snyder
Heidi Snyders
Monica Stern
Kelly Sullivan
Falin & Jack Taylor
Tuchi Family
Laurie Van Atta
Shanan Winters