Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS

Performed Jan. 3-4, 2020.

Music & Lyrics by Mel Leven, Randy Rogel, Richard Gibbs, Brian Smith, Dan Root, and Martin Lee Fuller
Book adapted by Marcy Heisler
Additional Lyrics by Marcy Heisler
Music Adapted and Arranged by Bryan Louiselle
Based on the Screenplay by Bill Peet and the Novel, The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith


Disney’s classic animated tale of kidnapping villains and courageous puppies is adapted in this “fur-tastic” musical adventure rehearsed as a holiday theatre camp.


  • Lucky McKenzie Lopezlira
  • Patch Zara Sego
  • Penny Isabella Bonilla
  • Pepper Justis Schneider
  • Perdita Siena Rounds
  • Pongo Devin Sartain
  • Roger AJ King
  • Anita Sydney Bentley
  • Cruella DeVille Jaden Schwab
  • Horace AJ Smith
  • Jasper Braydon Pruitt
  • Boxer Narrator Marissa Contreras
  • Scottie Narrator Jayda Brandt
  • Poodle Narrator Bridget McCabe
  • Chihuahua Narrator Sara Drago
  • Nanny Genevieve Burt
  • Sargent Tibbs Sarah Brumbaugh
  • Police Officer Zoey Cunningham
  • Dog Catcher Sydney McNeill
  • Freckles Lily Spears
  • Spotty Vanessa Van Atta
  • Boxer 1 Sophie Kennedy
  • Boxer 2 Emily Phillips
  • Scottie 1 Liliana Rounds
  • Scottie 2 Dustin Pollinger
  • Poodle 1 Natalia Conklin
  • Poodle 2 Kaelyn Elliott
  • Chihuahua 1 Bella Peddie
  • Chihuahua 2 Evelyn Downing

Production Team

  • Directors Heather Walker & Katie Czajkowski
  • Costume, Hair & Makeup Designer Charlie Rabago
  • Scenic Design Bobby Sample
  • Lighting & Sound Design Josh Hontz
  • Media Design Bobby Sample & Josh Hontz
  • Costuming Assistant & Administrator Kelly Swope
  • Interns Sabina Dart & Bella Swope