2021-2022 Season


The timeless 60s counterculture rock musical, performed Jan. 14—Feb. 6, 2022.

Book & Lyrics by Gerome Ragni & James Rado
Music by Galt MacDermot

About This Production

Claude, a young adult facing the draft during the Vietnam War, struggles between the expectations of his parents and the pacifist protest culture embodied by his hippie Tribe.


The “American tribal love rock musical” Hair celebrates the 60s counterculture in all of its barefoot, long-haired, bell-bottomed, beaded, and fringed glory with rock classics like “Aquarius,” “Good Morning, Starshine,” “Hair,” and “Let The Sun Shine.”

The iconic American musical Hair was born out of one of the most turbulent times in recent history. Though—perhaps—until now. Over 50 years later, this production points to where we are, where we’ve been, and where we might be going…

Director’s Note

From the playbill



I am the Director, Chanel Bragg, and I would like to welcome you to this exciting performance of Spotlight Youth Theatre’s production of Hair. This story takes place at the heart of Bohemia following the lives of the “Tribe,” a group of young teenagers into early adulthood who navigate a politically-charged existence in New York City while protesting the Vietnam War. Within the Tribe, we follow the journey of Claude, a character in constant pursuit of love, peace, and sexual revolution. We watch him navigate—trying to find his true self—whilst dealing with the pressures of the crushing responsibility of service to his family and his country.

This brilliant piece of art examines a time within our American history where the world was falling apart, and our young people were faced with dealing with systemic racism, political unrest, and a divided nation, all while trying just to survive…Sound familiar? Unfortunately, time has revealed that a lot of the challenges we faced as a nation in 1968, are STILL, in fact, ongoing problems of today. This show revisits the past through the lens of angsty, anti-establishment 16-to-20-year olds who have a lot to say in their hearts. (And by revisiting the past, we will undoubtedly reveal how much work as a nation we still have yet to do.)

In our rehearsal process, it has been a joy to educate our young people about the Vietnam War, the draft, drugs, the Civil Rights Movement, Woodstock, protests, etc. Our conversations have been insightful, and I am happy the future of the world is in their capable and empathetic hands. We worked diligently to provide a safe space for our young people to feel held by their Tribe. My fondest moment was the staging of “Where do I go,” where I asked the Tribe to take a moment to decide—What are you fighting for? What is the protest you have within your heart that fuels you to fight every day? It was a surreal experience that I will carry with me always.

I am grateful to have navigated this experience with not only the best creative team in the land (Thank you, Lyda, Carly, and Adam!), but also a dedicated group of designers, volunteers, and the biggest supporter of all, KENNY G!!! I just want to share with the audience that our youth—your amazing children— are intelligent, fierce, and fiery young people. As you witness their crafted characters, perchance you may see a glimpse of your former selves reflected like a mirror on the stage. My hope is that our show sparks a dialogue within your homes, where adults and children alike can come together and get real about the very serious things happening in the world today.

The parallels between 1968 and 2022 are astounding. I feel that now, more than ever, it is important to remain innovative—recognizing that your chosen art can serve as a form of artistic protest.

Sincere thanks to Spotlight Youth Theatre and the Board of Directors for this incredible opportunity.

Thank YOU for spending your evening with us, as we invite you to be part of our Tribe.

YIP YIP YIP YIP YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Peace, love, flowers, and broken legs to all my precious little daffodils.

Chanel Bragg


ClaudePatrick Mullen
BergerChloe Pierson
SheilaEmma Gass
WoofBraiden Lee
HudOwen Morris
JeanieJaely Damasco
CrissyZoey Waller
RonnyRyan Parker
DionnePaolina Duran
Margaret MeadIsabella Menzel
HubertJianna Bickle
DianeCallista Walker
MarjoriePaola Castellanos
SteveOwen Brady
EmmarettaIsabella Marias
SuzannahDrea Metzger
NatalieAda Poormon
MaryJaden Schwab
GailLillian Thelen
WalterAJ King

Production Team

RoleTeam Member
DirectorChanel Bragg
Music DirectorAdam Bei
ChoreographerCarly Grossman
Assistant DirectorLyda Armistead
Scenic DesignMary Rooney
Costume DesignHeather Riddle
Lighting & Sound DesignAnthony Rozzen
Hair & Makeup DesignAngel DeMichael
Properties ArtisansKenny Grossman
Vicki Grossman
Dance CaptainJaely Damasco
TechniciansAddison Lauder
Ellie Little
Olivia Martinez
The HAIR-Apparent Band
Piano/ConductorAdam Bei
GuitarsAndy Gonzalez
Connor Sullivan
BassNoah Williams
DrumsJeremy Lentz

Awards & Recognitions for This Production

2021-2022 ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence

  • Actor in a Major Role – Youth Musical (Won): Patrick Mullen
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical (Won): Jaely Damasco
  • Actor in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical (Won): Braiden Lee
  • Musical Direction – Youth Theatre (Won): Adam Bei
  • Choreography – Youth Theatre (Won): Carly Grossman
  • Costume Design – Youth Theatre (Won): Heather Riddle
  • Lighting Design – Youth Theatre (Won): Josh Hontz
  • Sound Design – Youth Theatre (Won): Josh Hontz
  • Actress in a Major Role – Youth Musical (Nominated): Emma Gass
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical (Nominated): Paolina Duran
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical (Nominated): Isabella Menzel
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical (Nominated): Ryan Parker
  • Director – Youth Musical (Nominated): Chanel Bragg
  • Scenic Design – Youth Theatre (Nominated): Mary Rooney
  • Hair and Makeup Design – Youth Theatre (Nominated): Angel DeMichael
  • Media Design – Youth Theatre (Nominated): Josh Hontz, Mary Rooney