Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical JV

A colorful history lesson reminding us that our differences are to be celebrated! This family musical was performed and livestreamed June 18-27, 2021.

Book by Melvin Tunstall III
Music by Greb Borowsky & Douglas Lyons
Lyrics by Douglas Lyons
Based on an Original Concept by Douglas Lyons

About This Production

Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical follows 8-year-old Lily Polkadot, who just moved to the “Squares Only” small town of Rockaway. As the first Polkadot in an all Square school, Lily faces an almost impossible task of gaining acceptance from her peers. From daily bullying to segregated drinking fountains, Lily’s quest seems hopeless until she meets Sky, a shy Square boy whose curiosity for her unique polka-dot skin blooms into an unexpected pal-ship.

Inspired by the events of The Little Rock Nine, Polkadots serves as a colorful history lesson for children. It reminds them that our individual differences make us awesome, not outcasts.


  • Lily Polkadot Brooklyn Martin
  • Penelope Square McKenzie Lopezlira
  • Sky Square William Richardson
  • Mrs. Square Jaely Damasco
  • Mama Square Sophia Mengel
  • Gabby Square Valerie Winch
  • Kimmy Square Audrey Palacios
  • Emma Square Sara Drago
  • Molly Square Charlee Shaver
  • Ally Square Janella Beaver
  • Jackie Square Jaxyn Damasco
  • Kathie Square Avery Stewart
  • Henry Square AJ King
  • Timmy Square J.R. Riddle

Production Team

  • Direction Adam Bei & Marley DeGroodt-Bei
  • Musical Director Adam Bei
  • Choreographer Marley DeGroodt-Bei
  • Video Production Anthony Rozzen
  • Video Direction Noah Lanouette
  • Stage Manager Sabina Dart
  • Dance Captain Jaely Damasco
  • Assistant Choreographer Patrick Mullen
  • Scenic Design Mike Armstrong
  • Costume Design Audrey Wawro
  • Lighting & Sound Design Josh Hontz
  • Hair & Makeup Design Brenda Goodenberger
  • Properties Design Kenny Grossman & Vicki Grossman
  • Light Board Operator Olivia Martinez
  • Sound Operator Jaden Schwab
  • Camera Operators Sabina Dart & Reagan Little

Awards & Recognitions for This Production

2020-2021 ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence

Awards to be announced at a ceremony at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts on Sep. 26.

  • Best Overall Production – Youth Musical (Nominated)
  • Actress in a Major Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Brooklyn Martin
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Jaely Damasco
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) McKenzie Lopezlira
  • Director – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Adam Bei and Marley DeGroodt-Bei
  • Choreography – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Marley DeGroodt-Bei
  • Scenic Design – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Mike Armstrong
  • Costume Design – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Audrey Wawro