2020-2021 Season

Covid-19 threatened the existence of theatres everywhere. Spotlight reopened with a 2020-2021 Season geared for numerous safety precautions that radically changed what it meant to create or see a show at Spotlight. These measures proved successful, as we mounted a full season of nine shows without a Covid-19 outbreak.

Most “big” shows became impossible to license with our new restrictions (including reduced and distanced live audiences). So we staged more exciting original plays and small-cast dramas and comedies than usual. This opened opportunities to address current issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement (Emmett’s Art Project) and transgender rights (Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands). These choices also allowed livestream video to become a normal attendance option.

The community pulled together to make what could have been a disastrous year for this struggling theatre into one of its most rewarding, progressive, and memorable seasons.