2020-2021 Season

Spotlight Youth Theatre’s 2020-2021 Season has been announced in parts, in order to adjust our schedules appropriately as we test new formats of theatre during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

We now gear performances for cast and community safety in various creative ways. We have more exciting original plays and small-cast dramas this season, and flexible formats. We’ll do outdoor shows, live events online, video streaming of shows, and some performances with small audiences physically distanced indoors. (We might even repeat some of these fun ways for enjoying theatre and music performances after the pandemic has passed.)

Among other events, “Act Two” of this season will include our Playfest show in spring, when we’ve already slotted original one-act plays by winners of our competition last summer. 

We may not like the restrictions that theatres everywhere now face, but we’ll find a lot to appreciate in the unusual experiences, heights of creativity, and all the great new stories ahead of us. 

  • The Soul of Frankenstein

    The Soul of Frankenstein

    Oct. 30—Nov. 1: Creature or Creator: which one is the Monster? A new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Written by Bobby Sample. Directed by Kenny Grossman and Bobby Sample.

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  • Emmett’s Art Project

    Emmett's Art Project

    Nov. 20–22: Kids confront racism in this world-premiere drama for teens and adults. Written by Brianna Fallon and Abbey Yee. Directed by Brianna Fallon.

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  • Wanted: Santa Claus

    Wanted: Santa Claus

    Dec. 20–22: Santa has been framed, and it’s up to his Elves and an angel to help save the true meaning of the holidays. Written by L. Henry Dowell. Directed by Jack Taylor.

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  • Cinderella: A Rock & Roll Fairytale

    Cinderella: A Rock & Roll Fairytale

    Jan. 2–3: Kenny Grossman’s rock & roll version of “Cinderella” in a musical theatre camp! Directed by Heather Walker.

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  • Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands (A Potty Party)

    Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands (A Potty Party)

    Feb. 5–7: Six stalls, a stressed out Stage Manager, a wacky director, actors wanting to unload, and unstable techies redefine “potty humor”! Written and directed by Kenny Grossman.

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