2020-2021 Season

Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands (A Potty Party)

A satire of “bathroom bills” to promote acceptance of gender diversity, performed Feb. 5-7, 2021.

Written by Kenny Grossman

About This Production

Our story takes place at a theatre in a “Gender Inclusive Restroom.” Six stalls, a stressed out Stage Manager, a wacky director, a load of actors wanting to unload, and a bunch of unstable techies bring theatrical meaning to the term “bathroom humor”. As history has shown, anything and everything can happen behind closed doors.

Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands (A Potty Party) is a silly comedy with a lot of bathroom humor including farting and pooping. There are a few curse words. Most importantly, the show focuses on real-life gender issues that need to be talked about openly and honestly. This show celebrates our differences, which unfortunately, may not be okay with everybody.

Writer/Director’s Note

From the playbill:

I’m all about a good fart joke. I’m also happy to use the theatre as a vehicle to tell the truth through plays. The cast and I have had a great journey originating these characters and telling this story. I’m honored and in awe of how the cast has approached this show with so much love. I will be forever thankful to each cast member and designer for bringing this show to life.

I would also like to thank the theatre Board of Directors for being supportive and accepting, L. Henry Dowell for his inspiration, Cydney Trent for looking out, Lyda, Vicki, Jamie, Carly, CJ for guidance and the author of Cinderella: A Rock-n-Roll Fairytale for letting us use that show to be our show within a show.

“Pee, not panic.”

Be safe. Enjoy.
Kenny Grossman, Writer/Director


  • Danny Christian Bader
  • Maggie Sean Haroldsen
  • Trudy Alyssa Armstrong
  • Karen / Food Delivery Zoey Waller
  • Eleanor / News Anchor Elyse Little
  • Clarence / Maître d’ / Fairy Godparent Dominic Cardenas
  • Dillon / Stepsister Zoie Moller
  • Lina / Stepsister Isabella Herndon
  • Haley / Stepmother Alexis Archer
  • Winston Max Mendoza
  • John / Prince Evan Culbertson
  • Izzy / Cinderella Julia Murphy
  • Joey / King Calvin Corey
  • Josh AJ King
  • JT / Queen Audrey Palacios
  • Jess / Pita Brooklyn Martin
  • Reagan / Paula Valerie Winch
  • Tina / Mary McKenzie Lopezlira
  • Calvin / Dog Joseph Garcia

Production Team

  • Director Kenny Grossman
  • Assistant Director Lyda Armistead
  • Video Direction/Production Josh Hontz
  • Scenic Design Bobby Sample & Kenny Grossman
  • Costume Design Samantha Utpadel
  • Lighting & Sound Design Josh Hontz
  • Hair & Makeup Design / Dramaturgy Ali Giordano
  • Properties Design Kenny Grossman & Vicki Grossman
  • Media/Projection Design Kenny Grossman
    Josh Hontz
    Bobby Sample
  • Camera Operators Anthony Rozzen & Enrique Lopezlira

Photo Gallery

Awards & Recognitions for This Production

2020-2021 ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence

  • Best Overall Production – Youth Play (Nominated)
  • Actor in a Major Role – Youth Play: (Nominated) Christian Bader
  • Actor in a Supporting Role – Youth Play: (Nominated) Dominic Cardenas
  • Actor in a Supporting Role – Youth Play: (Nominated) Max Mendoza
  • Director – Youth Play: (Nominated) Kenny Grossman
  • Hair and Makeup Design – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Alixandra Giordano
  • Property Design – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Kenny Grossman
  • Original Script – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Kenny Grossman
  • Media Design – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Bobby Sample and Josh Hontz