2020-2021 Season

Emmett’s Art Project

Teens confront racism in this relevant new drama. This play was performed Nov. 20-22, 2020.

Written by Brianna Fallon
Additional Dialogue and Story by Abbey Yee

About This Production

Amirah is a biracial teen, who has always felt like an outsider because of it. When the Black Lives Matter movement dominates the news, there is a lot of tension and division among her mixed group of friends. Amirah tries to ignore it until one of her friends, Emmett, is shot by the police for defacing public property. This causes Amirah and her friends to protest in their own ways. They come together because of their love for Emmett, and to fight for what they believe in.

Writer/Director’s Note

From the playbill:

This play was one of the hardest things I’ve ever written.

From this process, I’ve learned that if you decide to speak out about something, especially something like the topic of race and racism, you open yourself up to being publicly corrected or disagreed with.

I’m so grateful for the help of Abbey Yee, the awesome Youth Liaisons: Faith, Amaya & Patrick, and the dozen people who shared their own experiences with me. Although this script focuses on mine and Abby’s story, it’s an accumulation of many people’s thoughts and perspectives.

This script has a “little something” for everyone. You may see yourself depicted on stage in a mostly good but slightly problematic way. My hope is that instead of getting defensive in your heart, that you take the time to do some internal inventory. And I’m not just talking to white people. Contemplate if your language and attitude are life-giving or not. Just seeing this show is a good first step in acknowledging that racism DOES impact people’s life.

Lastly, if you disagree with anything in the show, I want to thank you for taking the time to watch it, and I hope you can go out and be inspired to share your own message of hope, peace, and love.

Brianna Fallon, Writer/Director


  • Amirah Bella Swope
  • Ada Jaely Damasco
  • Emmett Patrick Mullen
  • Rashaad Augie Stewart
  • Dallas Christopher Poulios
  • Salem Kayla Trevino
  • Emma Kiera Crouch
  • Zion Drea Metzger
  • Marlo Corban Adams
  • Jazz AJ King
  • Male Adults Luke Bader
  • Female Adults Cherylandria Banks

Production Team

  • Director Brianna Fallon
  • Video Production, Lighting & Sound Design Josh Hontz
  • Video Director Noah Lanouette
  • Scenic & Media Design Bobby Sample
  • Costume Design Amaya Burkhart
  • Hair & Makeup Design Charlie Rabago
  • Properties Design Kenny Grossman & Vicki Grossman
  • Camera Operators Anthony Rozzen & Enrique Lopezlira
  • Sound Operator Sabina Dart
  • Lighting Operator Brianna Fallon
  • Youth Liaisons Amaya Burkhart
    Patrick Mullen
    Faith Santos

Photo Gallery

Awards & Recognitions for This Production

2020-2021 ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence

  • Best Overall Production – Youth Play (Nominated)
  • Actress in a Major Role – Youth Play: (Nominated) Jaely Damasco
  • Actress in a Major Role – Youth Play: (Nominated) Bella Swope
  • Actor in a Major Role – Youth Play: (Nominated) Patrick Mullen
  • Actor in a Supporting Role – Youth Play: (Nominated) Augustus Stewart
  • Director – Youth Play: (Nominated) Brianna Fallon
  • Original Script – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Brianna Fallon and Abbey Yee
  • Media Design – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Bobby Sample and Josh Hontz