2019-2020 Season


Performed Oct. 18—Nov. 3, 2019.

Book & Music by Damon Intrabartolo
Book & Lyrics by Jon Hartmere

About This Production

In this acclaimed rock musical, a group of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school faces issues of sexuality and personal identity. As they struggle to come to terms with who they are, and who the world thinks they should be, they seek answers from their church, their friends, and ultimately, from within themselves. Its rich, vibrant score draws on many styles of contemporary music.

“The reason for its power and its popularity is its honesty. Since the 1960s, the true test of rock and roll is authenticity. And bare has that in spades. It is truthful about being young in America at this moment in time like very few other musicals are.” –Scott Miller, Newlinetheatre.com

Director’s Note

From the playbill:

bare is a story about teenage issues including teen pregnancy, drug abuse, relationships, self injury, love, jealousy, self expression, suicide and sexuality. In bare this happens amidst the breakdown of our institutions – religion, education, and family – and the results of a moral hypocrisy that traps many of us behind masks of conformity. At the heart of all this weighty stuff is a very intimate, very raw love story, both personal and emotional – the title is just as much a verb as it is a noun.

There is truth in these characters and the problems they face. So unfortunately these stories have to be told again and again. I congratulate the young men and women in this cast for their bravery and honesty. There is an urgency in their performance that you won’t see and feel from adult actors playing teenagers.

I love how the show is intertwined with a performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and we see many apparent (and also subtle) parallels between the two stories.

Scott Miller (Artistic Director of New Line Theatre) took the poetic lyrics of the show’s final song “One Voice” and interpreted them like this:

If there is no voice, there can be no sound. And if there is no sound, there can be no words.

And if there are no words, there can be no song. And if there is no song, there can be no heart.

But if there is one heart, then there can be one love. And if there is one love, then there can be one light.

And if there is one light, then there can be one truth. And if there is one truth, then there can be one life for us all to share.

It’s a message of religion, responsibility, acceptance and a message of human community where everyone is heard.

Kenny Grossman


  • Jason Christian Bader
  • Peter Kyler Tunnell
  • Ivy Bethany Novotny
  • Nadia Sabrina Kiepke
  • Matt Jack Taylor
  • Lucas Alec Pursell
  • Tanya Emma Gass
  • Kyra Phoenix Cyphert
  • Diane Mary Walker
  • Rory Lyda Armistead
  • Zack Kieran Klaphake
  • Alan Evan Culbertson
  • Claire Jesse Pike
  • Priest Anand Khalsa
  • Sister Chantelle Ronda Felton
  • Ensemble Zachary Snyders
    Nick Barritt
    Zoey Waller
    Ainsley Orozco
    Kendra Goodenberger
    Jaelyn Marie

Production Team

  • Director Kenny Grossman
  • Musical Director Adam Bei
  • Choreographer Tina Caspary
  • Stage Manager Maria Cruz
  • Scenic & Media Design Bobby Sample
  • Costume Design Naomi Jordon and Andi Jordon
  • Lighting & Sound Design Josh Hontz
  • Hair & Makeup Design Charlie Rabago
  • Properties Design Vicki Grossman and Kenny Grossman
  • Dance Captain Phoenix Sage
  • Tech Crew Josie Wright, Sabina Dart,
    El Fisher, Kacey Dodson

Photo Gallery

Awards & Recognitions for This Production

National Youth Arts Awards 2019-2020

  • Outstanding Production (Won)
  • Artist of the Year: (Won for multiple performances including bare) Bethany Novotny
  • Outstanding Lead Performance in a Musical: (Won) Christian Bader
  • Outstanding Lead Performance (College Division): (Won) Kyler Tunnell
  • Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical: (Won) Ronda Felton
  • Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical: (Won) Sabrina Kiepke
  • Outstanding Featured Performance (College Division): (Won) Jesse Pike
  • Outstanding Ensemble (Won)
  • Outstanding Set Design: (Won) Bobby Sample
  • Outstanding Choreography: (Won) Tina Caspary
  • Outstanding Musical Direction: (Won) Adam Bei
  • Outstanding Direction: (Won) Kenny Grossman
  • Outstanding Supporting Performance (College Division): (Nominated) Jack Taylor
  • Outstanding Featured Performance (College Division): (Nominated) Anand Khalsa
  • Outstanding Featured Performance in a Musical: (Nominated) Alec Pursell
  • Outstanding Lighting Design: (Nominated) Josh Hontz
  • Outstanding Sound Design: (Nominated) Josh Hontz

ariZoni Awards of Theatre Excellence 2019-2020

  • Fight Choreography – Youth Theatre: (Won) Kenny Grossman, Christian Bader, & Jack Taylor
  • Actor in a Major Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Christian Bader
  • Actor in a Major Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Kyler Tunnell
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Ronda Felton
  • Actress in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Sabrina Kiepke
  • Actor in a Supporting Role – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Jack Taylor
  • Director – Youth Musical: (Nominated) Kenny Grossman
  • Choreography – Youth Theatre: (Nominated) Tina Caspary