Awards and Recognitions

2019-2020 National Youth Arts Awards

The National Youth Arts Awards recognized Spotlight’s 2019-2020 season with 59 total nominations. Performers and artists won 31 NYA Awards for their work in Spotlight productions.

Outstanding Production

Artist of the Year

Awarded for outstanding performances of principle roles in multiple productions:

  • Ryenne Morgan for Gypsy (in addition to roles in ACAA and Starlight Theatre productions)
  • Bethany Novotny for bare (in addition to acting and choreography in Millenium HS productions)
  • Jack Yampolsky for Dogfight (in addition to roles in Desert Stages and Desert Mountain HS productions)

Junior Artist of the Year

Awarded for outstanding performances of principle roles in multiple productions:

  • Emily Anton for Gypsy (in addition to performances at Musical Theatre of Anthem and NYA Showcase)

Outstanding Lead Performance in a Musical

Outstanding Lead Performance (Junior Division)

Outstanding Lead Performance (College Division)

  • Won: Kyler Tunnell for bare
  • Won: Anand Khalsa for Gypsy
  • Won: Jack Taylor for Dogfight

Outstanding Supporting Performance (College Division)

  • Nominated: Jack Taylor for bare

Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical

  • Won: Ronda Felton for bare
  • Won: Sabrina Kiepke for bare
  • Nominated: Christian Bader for Annie
  • Nominated: Sophie Jurkovich for Gypsy
  • Nominated: Rachel Nathan for Annie
  • Nominated: Chloe Pierson for Annie
  • Nominated: Allison Watson for Annie

Outstanding Supporting Performance (Junior Division)

Outstanding Featured Performance (College Division)

  • Won: Jesse Pike for bare
  • Nominated: Anand Khalsa for bare

Outstanding Featured Performance in a Musical

  • Won: Josie Wright for Dogfight
  • Nominated: Dominic Cardenas for Gypsy
  • Nominated: Alec Pursell for bare
  • Nominated: Alec Pursell for Dogfight
  • Nominated: Terese Sanchez for Gypsy

Outstanding Featured Performance (Junior Division)

Outstanding Ensemble

Outstanding Costume Design

Outstanding Lighting Design

Outstanding Set Design

Outstanding Choreography

  • Won: Tina Caspary for bare
  • Won: Marley DeGroodt for Dogfight
  • Nominated: Marley DeGroodt for Annie
  • Nominated: Cydney Trent for Gypsy

Outstanding Sound Design / Original Music

  • Won: Josh Hontz (Sound Design) for Dogfight
  • Nominated: Josh Hontz (Sound Design) for bare

Outstanding Hair/Makeup Design

  • Won: Trey DeGroodt for Gypsy
  • Nominated: Charlie Rabago for Dogfight

Outstanding Musical Direction

  • Won: Adam Bei for bare
  • Won: Tristan Peterson-Steinert for Dogfight

Outstanding Direction

  • Won: Kenny Grossman for bare
  • Won: Bobby Sample for Dogfight
  • Nominated: Kenny Grossman for Gypsy