Spotlight thanks Cabaret for Change

June 2020

While theatres everywhere wonder if they can survive the 2020 pandemic, young performers in the Phoenix area are once again proving their talent is topped only by their character and spirit of community!

A group of young performers led by Josie Wright, Sabrina Kiepke, and Kyler Tunnell (recently in Spotlight’s Dogfight) independently organized the fund raiser Cabaret for Change to benefit three youth theatres hit hard by the current crisis: Desert Stages Theatre, Greasepaint Youth Theatre, and Spotlight Youth Theatre. This week, Cabaret for Change presented Spotlight with $3,500 to help remain in operation.

Cabaret for Change has run a GoFundMe campaign, a Facebook channel (through which they have hosted their own cabaret events), and have posted a Cabaret for Change web site.

Everyone at Spotlight Youth Theatre applauds these wonderful young people, who have taken action on their own to support their causes. They are the reason for everything we do!

Cabaret for Change

Kyler Tunnel, Sabrina Kiepke, Josie Wright, and Brody Wurr during one of the live Cabaret for Change events (March 28, 2020)