Help Keep Our Kids in the Spotlight!

A Word from Our Artistic Director…

“The most valuable thing that Spotlight Youth Theatre has taught my child is to be kind and to lift others up. That is the culture of SYT!”

—Parent of a Spotlight Youth Theatre Actor

There is no need for me to preach to you about the wonderful shows and programs that we present on our stage all year long.

What you don’t see (but might have been involved with in some way) is the incredible journey that the actors and their families take while getting onto the stage. The wonderful experiences are too long to list, and are always in progress.

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That is what makes Spotlight unique: the sense of community and love off of the stage. Everything we do is for the families and kids that participate.

“Spotlight Youth Theatre is a place where I can be myself and everyone is a big family. I have some learning disabilities and I love that all the directors and choreographers work with me where I am.”

—Spotlight Youth Theatre Actor

We have no adult theatre to follow, and no city or big corporation to support us. The reality of the business of theatre is that the odds are against us to survive, and we are continually struggling with finances. We have volunteers and board members working endlessly to keep the theatre solvent and open. Sometimes we need more help.

We are asking for 100 people to donate $100 (the price of one night out at Cheesecake Factory) to help us get through a very rough time. Whether your kids are grown up and moved on or you have future thespians, we hope that you can help and also spread the word.

If you need to talk with me please, do not hesitate to call, email or text me.

Thank You,

Kenny Grossman
Artistic Director
Spotlight Youth Theatre
(623) 521-8093