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100-FROM-100: Spotlight Youth Theatre’s annual holiday fund drive

Dear friends and families of Spotlight Youth Theatre,

Every child deserves a safe, inclusive space where they can learn and grow and become the self-confident person they are meant to be. Spotlight has made this it’s mission since 2006.

Over the years, thousands of young people have had their lives positively impacted by appearing in our productions, performing in our musical troupes, and learning the intricacies of technical theatre.

We depend on grants, corporate sponsorships and generous donations from people like you to make this happen.

Our annual 100 from 100 donor campaign is your chance to help us continue with our mission.

We are asking for 100 people to donate $100 (the price of one night out at Cheesecake Factory) to help us continue our mission.

Whether your kids are grown up and moved on or you have future thespians, we hope you can help and also spread the word.

Together we can do great things!